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История создания концерна Toyota / Nissan

When transitioning to biological therapy, subcutaneous administration should be considered to limit patient contact with the healthcare facility. Selective switching from intravenous infliximab to subcutaneous anti-TNF is not recommended as it may increase the risk of relapse. If the patient is in contact with a COVID-19 person, withdrawal of anti-TNF therapy for 2 weeks should be considered.

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Toyota / Nissan: как создавались

To properly prepare the margin of the cavity, consideration must be given to the elasticity of the material used for the restoration, the relation to the enamel prisms, and the aesthetic integration. For highly elastic micro-hybrid compounds (Young's modulus 4 Gpa), long bevels were used for aesthetic reasons. This type of preparation is not suitable for micro-hybrid formulations because they are more rigid (Young's modulus 15 Gpa) and the formulation limit would be too thin and could be dropped. Moreover, in order to obtain a better resistance ratio between the composition boundary and the enamel prisms, long chamfers should be avoided.