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История создания концерна Toyota / Nissan

It is the transition to the use of IPV in Ukraine for all doses of the Immunization Schedule that should be the next task for vaccination. For this, several mechanisms can be used, including humanitarian assistance, the conclusion of planned direct contracts with vaccine manufacturers based on the needs of the required composition of vaccines according to the Calendar, in particular, taking into account the existence of modern combined vaccines with IPV, which can also be used at an older age. In the absence of combination vaccines with IPV, IPV can be used as a single vaccine.

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Both patients and doctors should be well aware of the need for long-term therapy with periodic monitoring of key indicators and the obligatory achievement of the so-called target levels of blood pressure, that is, stable normalization of blood pressure. Only such an approach to the treatment of patients with hypertension can give a successful result. But at present, as mentioned above, only a very small number of patients with hypertension are treated effectively. In this regard, there is no decrease in the frequency of complications of this disease in Ukraine.