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История создания концерна Toyota / Nissan

To properly prepare the margin of the cavity, consideration must be given to the elasticity of the material used for the restoration, the relation to the enamel prisms, and the aesthetic integration. For highly elastic micro-hybrid compounds (Young's modulus 4 Gpa), long bevels were used for aesthetic reasons. This type of preparation is not suitable for micro-hybrid formulations because they are more rigid (Young's modulus 15 Gpa) and the formulation limit would be too thin and could be dropped. Moreover, in order to obtain a better resistance ratio between the composition boundary and the enamel prisms, long chamfers should be avoided.


Toyota / Nissan: как создавались

"It was an ordinary day, a cold morning. I was sleeping after a night shift and woke up from the fact that massive shelling had begun. A tank unit of 16 tanks approached us. Our armored personnel carrier was shot down before my eyes and I ran to help pull the guys out, but did not I ran a little, there were about seven meters left, I could hear the whistle of shells, explosions and darkness ... I rubbed my eyes from the ground and saw that there was a bare bone in the place of the arm, I thought that I should see what was happening with my legs, if I could move. "I thought that I would die, but I was lying, I realized that I would not die for a long time, that I would live and I had to do something, and I put on a tourniquet," the military man says.